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Kathy Calta appointed to Moore DM Group executive advisory board

Kathy CaltaKathy is a great leader and her passion for our clients will help us grow the organization in a thoughtful, customer-centric manner. TULSA, Okla.

Posted March 12, 2019

True Terpenes, Cannabis Now Team up for SXSW™ Hemp TODAY Activation

True Terpenes will be at SXSW in Austin, Texas with Cannabis

Posted March 12, 2019

Starfish by Hobsons to Present at ACE's 2019 Annual Meeting

“Starfish is committed to helping our higher ed partners create campus-wide student success plans that increase student retention on their campuses,” said Howard Bell, Senior Vice President

Posted March 12, 2019

Beekman 1802 Celebrates Grand Opening of New Headquarters in Mohawk...

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (PRWEB)March 11, 2019 Beekman 1802, one of the fastest growing living brands in America, announced today the company has relocated its headquarters to Mohawk Harbor in

Posted March 10, 2019

163 Voices: Women in Tech Speak Up

163 VOICES: WOMEN IN TECH SPEAK UP - TrustRadius"... After reading this report, my mind is blown. Every

Posted March 10, 2019

Vinpower, Inc. Has Acquired All Rights and IP’s Related to ACARD...

Vinpower Logo“In using ACARD’s native SATA IC and CPU / SOC technology, along with other advances in storage related development, Vinpower will be able to progress

Posted March 10, 2019

SRECTrade’s Management Business Exceeds 500 MW of Clean Energy Assets

The renewable energy assets SRECTrade manages produce enough energy to power over 50,000 homes per year. SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB)March 11, 2019 On February 5,

Posted March 10, 2019

Foundry Health Releases Version 1.4 of ClinSpark, the eSource Platform...

GRAFTON, Wis. (PRWEB)March 11, 2019 Foundry Health is proud to announce the release of version 1.4 of its Phase I software platform ClinSpark®. This new version contains many significant

Posted March 10, 2019

AAT Composites Selects Plataine’s Industrial IoT Solution Suite

PlataineWe’ve selected Plataine following a thorough analysis of the market and various alternatives to address the operational challenges driven by our current and expected growth.

Posted March 10, 2019

unEvn ONE, the First Portable, All-in-one Gaming Desk, Launches on...

unEvn ONE marries a gamer’s rig and a portable desk that was built specifically to make gamers the best they can be. It’s easy and fast to

Posted March 10, 2019

Officials Say Flu Season Will Last Until May: Viatrexx Offers...

"I see excellent results using the unique Viatrexx line. Immunexx has been especially helpful for some of my most sensitive patients with compromised immune systems," says Ginger Nash, ND. Dr.

Posted March 10, 2019

ezAccounting Business Software From Has Been Updated...

Business and Payroll Software Built into One Inexpensive SoftwareezAccounting business and payroll software has been updated to include the 2019 941 form. MIAMI (PRWEB)March 11, 2019

Posted March 10, 2019

E-commerce Platform Offers Unlimited Sales Volume with Launch of New...

AmeriCommerce: The Powerful E-Commerce PlatformThat’s kind of what AmeriCommerce has always been about – being the breath of fresh air in a polluted space of e-commerce

Posted March 10, 2019

Learn to Unlearn (Part 2) w/ IAC's Barry Diller

BARRY DILLER: I’ve now been running movie companies for 18 years, and if I never saw another script, I’d be a happy person. REID HOFFMAN: That’s Barry Diller, Former

Posted December 12, 2017

Model Behavior w/ entrepreneur/investor Caterina Fake (Etsy, Kickstarter, Flickr)

CATERINA FAKE: You are the framer. You are the framer of the Constitution in this world that you are building. You are the Abraham in the series of begats. REID

Posted January 23, 2018

Why Customer Love is All You Need w/ Y Combinator's Sam Altman

REID HOFFMAN: My friend, Sam Altman, is a bit of a geek.  And he’s OK with me saying that. I asked. SAM ALTMAN: …to talk about my nerdy qualities, I approve

Posted January 30, 2018

How To Build Your Company To Last w/ Fiat's John Elkann

ROBERT PASIN: One of the first things he made was a little wagon that he used to haul tools around in the workshop. REID HOFFMAN: That’s Robert Pasin, the CEO

Posted February 06, 2018

How To Price Your Product To Scale w/ ClassPass' Payal Kadakia

PAYAL KADAKIA: Every weekend I was, I felt like I was a like mini roadshow. Where my parents would come with me and I’d have my costume and my cassette and

Posted February 13, 2018

EP106 - News Updates and Whats Happening with Joomla Beat

Long time no hear! We're back with news from the Joomla industry, including updates with the Joomla CMS, CMS Critic award and Joomla World Conference 2017. Also looking at what has

Posted November 06, 2017