Comedians Max Cohen and Jim Search, hosts of the popular Bar Rescue recap podcast, Shut It Down: The Bar Rescue Recap Show, will appear as guests on an upcoming episode of the reality series airing Sunday, April 14th at 10pm EST on the Paramount Network. Cohen and Search, both obsessive fans of Bar Rescue, were invited to appear on the show after being brought to the attention of star Jon Taffer on Twitter.

“It all started with a message to a Bar Rescue producer in 2017,” recalls Cohen. “Initially, we wanted to see if any sort of collaboration could be possible, and the producer must’ve passed our info onto Jon Taffer because he started following both of us on Twitter.”

Taffer then immediately invited the duo to appear on an episode of Bar Rescue, which was a surreal experience for the comedians, to say the least. “They say ‘never meet your heroes,’ but in our case, that just wasn’t true,” said Search. “Getting to be on Bar Rescue was a moonshot goal of ours when we started this, so we’re incredibly excited to receive this recognition and opportunity from Jon and everyone on the show.”

Shut It Down: The Bar Rescue Recap Show was conceived of roughly four years ago when Cohen and Search both witnessed a bartender scooping ice from a glass--a massive faux pas in the restaurant industry. “We both noted that Jon Taffer would not tolerate such a thing… and the rest was history,” said Cohen.

Each episode of the show finds Cohen and Search recapping past and present episodes of Bar Rescue, all the while inviting comedian friends and special guest stars to discuss anything and everything Bar Rescue-related.

“We’re on a quest to recap all Bar Rescue episodes that have aired,” said Search, with sixty-three episodes currently available on iTunes. “We’re making good progress, but still have a ways to go.” Wikipedia currently lists 177 episodes of Bar Rescue.

Last year, the hosts of Shut It Down were lucky enough to feature interviews with Taffer and Bar Rescue’s mixology expert Phil Wills, and the hosts hope to welcome other experts from the show as well.

“We’re lucky that a lot of other comedians love the show as well, so we’ll keep having special guests join us for recaps. This show is too much fun for just two people to talk about it,” said Cohen.

New episodes of Shut It Down: The Bar Rescue Recap Show are released every Wednesday on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Cohen and Search’s appearance on Bar Rescue will air Sunday, April 14th at 10pm EST on the Paramount Network. Titled “Tanked And Toasty,” the episode’s description states, "Jon travels back to San Antonio, Texas to find a bar and marriage both crippled at the hands of its party hungry owner.”

Listen to Shut It Down: The Bar Rescue Recap Show on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.


Jim Search is a comedian, writer and producer. Born and raised in Binghamton, NY now residing in Brooklyn, NY, he started pursuing a career in comedy in the New York City circuit in 2010. He brings his own takes on race, everyday life and everything in between without being afraid to take risks while doing it. After cutting his teeth at bar shows, open mics and making guest appearances at clubs he made it to the semi-finals in NBC’s “Stand Up For Diversity” in 2011. Following this, he continued to see success in appearing in the Milwaukee Comedy Festival in 2011 as well as the Hoboken Comedy Festival in 2014 and the Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2015.

In addition to performing at comedy clubs across the country, he wrote and produced and starred in the play “Jessie The Catfish: A Comedy.” Jim is a co-host of a monthly stand up comedy show called “Muddy Waters” in Brooklyn, NY. Also he is writing and producing sketches and a co-host of the podcasts “Swatches And Boomboxes” as well as “Shut It Down: Bar Rescue Recap Show”.


Originally from the scenic suburbs of Maryland, Max has performed his unique brand of self-deprecating yet tasteful and hilarious comedy at clubs from Seattle to South Africa. Finally making his home in New York City, he brings the confusions and bewilderments of his life from the family dinner table to stages such as the Gotham Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, and Stand Up NY. He was a semifinalist in The Great Long Island Laugh Off and published in “Urbasm” magazine. Max has appeared in the New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival, Laughing Devil Comedy Festival, the SENE Film, Music & Arts Festival, and the Key West Comedy Festival.

He is also a regular panelist on John Fugelsang’s show Tell me Everything. He was a finalist for a show on the hit comedy app Laugh Exchange. He currently hosts the popular podcast, Shut It Down! The Bar Rescue Recap Show. His debut comedy album, “Operation: Pastrami Sandwich,” is played often on SiriusXM and is available everywhere.

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