Binance has prepared a special Collect & Win Promo for all our users who successfully collect the five special ingredients to bake the Bitcoin Pizza and claim your share of the $52,200 in BTC prize pool.

New Bakers Reward: $50 each (200 winners in total)
All qualified users who register for a Binance account during the activity period and bake the Bitcoin Pizza (successfully collect all five special ingredients) will get a chance to win $50 in BTC tokens via lucky draw.

Lucky Bakers Reward: $20,000 to be won! (20 winners in total)
All qualified users who successfully bake the Bitcoin Pizza (collect the five special ingredients) during the activity period will get a chance to win $1,000 in BTC tokens via lucky draw.

“No One Misses Out” Reward: Claim your share of $22,200 in BTC prize pool
All qualified users who don’t win from Lucky Bakers Reward will split a prize pool of $22,200 in BTC. Prize share will be calculated based on each qualified user’s proportional trading volume to the total trading volume of all qualified users.

Reward calculation:
The BTC reward for each qualified user = (Each user’s total effective trading volume / all qualified users’ total effective trading volume) * Total prize pool of $22,200 in BTC

Limited-Edition Binance 2021 Bitcoin Pizza Day NFTs Reward:
All qualified users who collect all five special ingredients and bake the Bitcoin Pizza during the activity period will be eligible for a lucky draw. 22 winners will be randomly drawn to receive one of the limited edition NFTs before 2021-07-01 (UTC) after the official Binance NFT Marketplace is live.

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