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Sunday, 08 March 2020 04:04

Artificial Intelligence Will Obliterate These Jobs By 2030 #AI #artificalintelligence #robots #jobs #homebusiness #innovation @matrixthinker

1) Telemarketing
2) Bookkeeping Clerks
3) Compensation and Benefits Managers
4) Receptionists
5) Couriers
6) Proofreaders
7) Computer Support Specialists
8) Market Research Analysts
9) Advertising Salespeople
10) Retail Salespeople
If you are employed in any or all of these fields, now is the time to begin considering alternative training or employment.  One possible solution is to set-up a home-based business.  In fact, running a business from your home has never been easier. This is fantastic news because AI (robots) are replacing many good jobs and unexpected viral threats like the coronavirus have made it an absolute necessity to work from home. 
In an effort, to help you evaluate new opportunities the Pamper Me Network has begun to list amazing businesses that you can run from your home. Already 30 plus examples have been posted and we seek new ideas from you. 
Even better, we provide you with all of the technology you need to get started with your home-based business, almost immediately. In addition, we now offer telephone-based sales lead generation support from our offshore call centre to help you source & close new business.
If you have already begun rolling out your Home-Based or Remote Business, tell us about it and we will publish your offer in our new business opportunity directory, free of charge.
For more information visit www.pampermenetwork.com 

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