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The Nathaniel Dett Chorale 20th Anniversary Gala Concert “Voices of the Diaspora: Hosea.” is a Gala concert featuring the World Premiere of ‘Hosea’ – a fusion of gospel, jazz and classical music by Dr. Stephen Newby (2018-19 Composer-in-Residence).  Order your tickets…...
The Glendon Black Students Alliance will screen the independent film "The Butler", Tuesday, February 12, 6:30pm – 8:30pm at Glendon Campus, York Hall, Room A 301. Upon completion of the film, stick around for networking and discussion.  Enjoy The Film Screening of the…...
"Catholicism and the Making of Politics in Central Mozambique, 1940-1986," by Eric Morier-Genoud (Senior Lecturer in African History at Queen's University Belfast) "Looks at the politics of the Catholic Church during a turbulent period in central Mozambique. This book is…...
Caribbean Food is delicious. So delicious that it is hard to pick a single dish never mind imagine the different recipe possibilities. But let's make it easier for you by focusing exclusively on fish ideas. Here are a few fish…...
Are you hungry?  What are you making for dinner?  What about a tasty dish by Devon Eats that includes Curry Chicken or "Curried Chicken" for the intellectually superior, Fried Plantains and Avacado Salad. CURRY CHICKEN: Curry Chicken is a dish…...
On February 13, 2019, at 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm in the Senate Chamber, Room N940, North Ross, Dr. Sylvia Bawa, Afua Anku and Dr. Funke Aladejebi in conjunction with the Business and Society Student Association play host to Race To…...
build.COLLABORATE—is committed to helping you acquire the skills and partnerships required to accelerate the growth of your business.  WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS EVENT? • Anyone that understands the importance collaborations and joint ventures;• Startup founders looking for co-founders;• Out of the…...
From Sprint to H & M, some of the world's top brands have engaged social media influencers to help them enhance awareness of their products and services inside international markets. Sprint: #LiveUnlimitedOld Navy: Boys & Girls Club of AmericaFiji Water:…...
MANGO has set itself the target that 50% of the cotton it sources will be of sustainable origin by 2022 The third MANGO Committed collection is launched as part of the Take Action programme, which aims to increase the use…...
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