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An attorney by trade from USC Law School, Richard left the practice of law to share his communication breakthroughs with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Senators, Congresspersons, First Ladies, political candidates, CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 500 companies, attorneys, judges,…...
Jim Kwik (his real name) is founder of Kwik Learning and a widely recognized world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance and accelerated learning. For two decades he has served as the mental coach to students and seniors, entrepreneurs…...
Loretta LaRoche is an acclaimed speaker, author and international stress expert and humor consultant who has evoked wit and irreverent humor on her audience for over 30 years.  Using humor to reframe a stressful situation, Loretta captures a new perspective…...
Philanthropist, author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Dr. Jamal Bryant is one of the most prolific and eloquent orators of our time! He is the pastor and founder of Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, Maryland. Acclaimed the fastest-growing African Methodist…...
Within the pages of D.K. Kern’s new book, The Raw Truth - Addicted and Redeemed, ($15.49, paperback, 9781498457101; $9781498457118, e-book, 9781498457118) readers will follow the journey of the author to see firsthand that regardless of the severity of a broken…...
Kevin Harrington (born 1956) is an American entrepreneur and business executive. Harrington is the founder of As Seen On TV. He has appeared on the television series Shark Tank and the American annual invention trade show Inpex 2012 as Keynote…...
Jeff Grillo is an an author, motivational speaker and life coach on a mission to breathe life into the winner within you.  Jeff Grillo has overcome blindness, cancer, heart problems, financial collapse, divorce and more. In fact, diagnosed with a…...
PAW Business New York City - October 24-27, 2016 (Speaking days October 25 & 26) Venue: Jacob Javits Convention Center Speaker proposal deadline: February 19, 2016 Speakers will be notified by: April 19, 2016 PAW Healthcare - October 24-27, 2016…...
John Lee Dumas, military veteran, author and entrepreneur is expediting the transformation of the book publishing & expert industry. With zero training as a book publisher and less than a few years delivering expert advice on his EOFire podcast (www.EOFire.com),…...

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