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Las Laguna Gallery is seeking stunning artworks in this open theme call for art. This Call for Art is open to ALL local, national and international artists, professional and amateur working in the disciplines of Acrylic, Airbrush, Assemblage, Charcoal, Color…...
Innovate Grant is a new initiative that supports artists and photographers through quarterly grants. We believe that new ideas come from sparks of inspiration and aim to provide just that, access to small and mighty bursts of financial support so…...
WorkWeFitness manages several Pinterest boards that are open for collaboration including: - All things healthy lifestyle- Full body workout at gym or home- Workouts: Cardio- Motivational Fitness Quotes- Health & Wellness Resources Rules are the same for all boards: no…...
Bola Montana, a Lagos-based Professional Make-Up Artist seeks collaborations with designers, photographers, hair stylists and wedding planners.  Contact Bola via Twitter and, or Instagram to share your collaboration ideas or publish on the Build.Collaborate website or Pinterest Board. HOW TO…...
QuickRead and the Value Examiner Requests articles from experts. Reach 50,000 + professionals interested in business and related topics....
ISSIP in partnership with Business Expert Press invites professionals with expertise in all areas of service science and systems to submit a brief proposal of their book....
'Food I Love' Pinterest Board With 53,000 Followers and 3.5 Million Monthly Visitors Seeks Collaboration Partners. Food I Love seeks contributions from creators whom are prepared to submit a maximum of five high quality food-related pins per session. HOW TO…...
Collaborations are the key to success online, especially on Pinterest and Twitter.  In fact, Pinterest allows you to add other users to your boards as collaborators, so that they can save Pins to your boards, as well.  This feature is an…...
The Growing Creatives a new Pinterest board for moms that wish to access crafts/activities for kids and other miscellaneous crafts for adults seeks collaboration partners.   The board encourages pins from anyone with fun crafts or activities for kids, crafts for…...
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Created in 1994, this classic 6.7 oz fragrance from Dolce and Gabbana features a smooth blend of citrus and…...
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