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Opportunities / Networking Events (4)

build.COLLABORATE—is committed to helping you acquire the skills and partnerships required to accelerate the growth of your business.  WHO SHOULD ATTEND THIS EVENT? • Anyone that understands the importance collaborations and joint ventures;• Startup founders looking for co-founders;• Out of the…...
February is Black History Month and exciting events are already being planned to celebrate it. The Calgary Black History Heritage Society Presents One Nation Gospel Concert will be hosting the One Nation Gospel Concert.  ABOUT EVENT: The Black History Heritage…...
Developing your business model and performing customer validation are essential steps in creating a startup company. This RevUP workshop will give you a better understanding of how to: > identify your customer’s problems,> work with your customers to find a…...
So you've created the next product or service and you are certain that your invention will be a hit. Your garage is filled with products that you are itching to sell, but you have no idea how to move units.…...


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