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Melany Wins is a recent Graduate of Bob Proctor’s Thinking into Results Program. She has an ambitious spirit and follows the ‘Think and Grow Rich’ principles in life.

Very experienced in the areas of business development and marketing professional. She has two Diplomas one in Business Administration and one in Marketing Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship.

She has worked for the following companies and organizations: Kmart, Suzy Shier, Open Learning Agency, British Columbia Open University, Knowledge Network, Pitney Bowes, G & K Services, Lesley Stowe Fine Foods, Authentic Wine/Charton Hobbs (has represented the following wine brands: MASI, Chateau Ste Michelle, Paul Hobbs, Jason Woodbridge, Cono Sur just to name a few). Her Mentors have been truly extraordinary and she feels extremely blessed.

Bridging into Entrepreneurship she then started two companies of her own: Branding Experts and EnlightenME Network. She focuses her energy on helping other Entrepreneurs and people in the Personal Growth and Development space as well as the planet.

Sharing now her 20 years of success in all of her positions and is now devoted to helping other Entrepreneurs: creating also a live virtual talk show called EnlightenME Happy Hour which was built during Covid - 19 and also services many people in the community that she has built EnlightenME Community. Her platform EnlightenME Network is helping people, planet, prosper.

Teaches her EnlightenME Community about MSI’s which are Multiple Streams of Income. Even Bob Proctor said if he did all over again he would choose Network Marketing. Not only does Melany have the Network she teaches her students how to build their networks and how to excel in Network Marketing. Everyone should have 7 streams of passive income she says.

(WINS) is a creative Visionary and Futurist with a true ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ and is always coming up with the most original and unique business ideas and strategies to help her clients build their own unique brands and success stories.

Passionate About Sales And Marketing.
My company Branding Experts has now merged with a powerful team of successful Entrepreneurs that know how to create multi-million dollar enterprises online.

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Neil Irwin, trained by Anthony Robbins (Over 35 years of experience in the Financial Industry) Team Lead for Tom Crossland’s CoinZoom Alliance with Well Beyond based out of Utah: