Jay Barnard aka Chef Recovery Featured

Jay Barnard Is A Real Canadian Success Story. Now Available for speaker booking engagements.

Known as Chef Recovery, Jay Barnard takes his real life recovery from drugs and alcohol and turns them into real life recipes for success. Along his journey being clean and sober for the past 12+ years and as a mental health advocate, Jay realized early on that sharing his life story not only helps his own recovery but helps others who might be struggling too. Jay travels across Canada sharing his story with hundreds of people inspiring them to make changes in their own lives to be the best version of their selves. Now a successful CEO & Corporate Chef running his own business, Freshwater Cuisine, it is hard to believe Chef Jay Barnard was once an addict so out of control that most had lost hope that he would ever be able to turn his life around.

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18 Sunnyside Road, Ottawa, Keewatin, Ontario, Canada