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Born in the Kingdom of ESWATINI, Nompumelelo is an energetic professional speaker, author, mentor-coach, eMCee, entrepreneur, philanthropist, well known for encouraging many to rise from mediocrity into greatness.

Her presentations not only motivate but empowers audiences with a fresh perspective inspiration they require to pursue success and drive sustainable outcomes, in a seriously funny way. She believes that we are in full control of our choices. Her title “Rise to Greater Heights” has inspired and empowered many to pursue their personal and professional passion to become go-getters.

Nompumelelo wears many hats, as a professional Certified SALES MANAGER, CEO, Certified travel counsellor, Aesthetician, Philanthropist and a commissioner for oaths, following her dreams gave her purpose to see her goals through and understand that she does have everything she needs to reach her full potential.

Her everyday message is that, your journey to be a better person starts with you, so knowing who you are to your core will make you understand that you are the only one who can accomplish your dreams. Hebrews 11, Psalms 27 and 40, keeps her rising to greater heights.

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