Recommend Free Webinars and Podcasts & Earn $1.00 Per Attendee Plus Bonuses

Only the Pamper Me Network will pay you to give away, free stuff plus pay you residual commissions.


We Make It Easy

Simply use our sharing tools, your referral url or custom domain to introduce our webinars and podcasts to your followers, friends and family. 

We even support your own podcasts and webinars. That's right, PMN will literally pay you to promote yourself.  Recommend attendees that participate in FREE PMN and partner podcasts and webinars and earn $1.00 for each attendee registrations. If attendees and, or readers engage with additional products and services, earn up $700 per $1,000 worth of transactions.

This unique program also applies to free ebook downloads and related content products.

* Our AI algorithms determine payouts to users based on total advertising and earnings pool, size of users collaborator network, membership level and the type of earning product.

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