The Pamper Me Network is the world's only social rewards powered Pay-Per-View (POV) content management system. Host your content on PMN, protect it behind a firewall and earn $1 for each free user that registers to access.

PMN develops social rewards technology for content creators and Internet savvy professionals that wish to earn cash rewards for connecting with new people and sharing content.  We are the Internets' social rewards & loyalty management network powering thousands of websites and online promotions.


Every year billions of people leverage social media networks and bricks & mortar networking organizations to make new business and personal connections. Unfortunately, most people dont realize any financial return from the countless hours they spend networking - until now.

Build your brand. Connect with Internet savvy professionals. Earn $1 cash reward for each FREE connection PLUS retain up 100% of earnings if you use the platform to sell your own products and services.



PMN is a content discovery, content distribution and user reward platform. You produce the content. We guarantee publication. We reward your supporters to share.


Register and login.  Select Submit tab, activate campaign and begin submitting content & collaboration requests.


Encourage others to list their content & collaboration requests. Earn $1 for each new connection.


Syndicate and, or boost your campaigns and content to reach more supporters and make more money.

This video explains how Social Rewards technology can help small business owners make money while networking online and offline.

This video explains how social rewards technology works and how it is revolutionizing the way individuals & businesses share online.

This video explains how you can make money while promoting yourself online. Leverage social rewards to grow sales of your products & services.

This video explains how anyone can use social rewards technology to expand their audience while educating & inspiring others. 

This video explains how anyone can use Social Rewards technology to organize photoshoots and make money.

This video explains how anyone can use Social Rewards technology to publish and boost their content or offers.

This video explains how photographers can use Social Rewards technology to promote themselves and make money.


The world's only social rewards powered Pay-Per-View (POV) content management system. We reward content creators and their followers for producing, curating and sharing amazing content.

Terms Of Use

Must activate a VIP social rewards license of $99.99 per year or greater and keep account in good standing to qualify for social rewards payouts.

Click here for complete terms of use


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