The Pamper Me Network is a contest, webinar, blog and podcast hosting platform. We operate in a highly competitive market filled with well financed hosting companies. We sought a unique strategy to compete.

We quickly realized that a focus on content monetization would differentiate us

We proceeded to create a rare and a ubiquitous NFT collection and linked each NFT to a unique hosting (social rewards) account on the Pamper Me Network. This strategy allow us to transfer all the benefits a client hosting with us receives to the genesis owner of an NFT and vice-versa.

We're delivering true utility as the NFT is simply a receipt that authenticates the value you receive from the Pamper Me Network while providing a new source of revenue for hosting clients (NFT sales) & NFT creators (hosting, consulting, ecommerce, royalty management & advertising).

It is quite frankly the MOST UNIQUE and powerful solution for linking the fiat world with the blockchain through the use of NFTs. Read the text to follow to learn why you should purchase a General (rare), King (rare), Queen (rare), Prince (rare), Princess (rare) or Ambassador NFT (ubiquitous) OR partner with us as a creator.

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User reward for sharing this opportunity

Every year billions of people leverage social media networks to share content and build their fan network. Unfortunately, most people or online marketers dont realize any financial return from the countless hours they spend on social media networks, until now.

Now for the first time you can monetize the podcasts, webinars and even blog posts you create and share.

This powerful new content reward system allow both you as well as this creator to earn the following cash and related rewards.

Website Rewards: $1 per referral
Membership Revenue Share: Yes
Ticketing Revenue Share: Yes
Advertising Revenue Share: Yes
E-commerce Revenue Share: Yes
Creator Rewards: None
Creator Opt-In Link: Login To Access
Compensation Offered By Creator: None