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Introducing Adobe Firefly: The Generative AI Tool with Built-in Artist Protection #AIArt

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Adobe recently released their generative artificial intelligence (AI) product, Adobe Firefly, which includes a “do not train” tag to protect artists’ work. The product allows for easy image composition changes, creation of new brushes and textures, variation generation from sketches, generation of textiles, and more.


  • Adobe released their generative AI product, Adobe Firefly.
  • Includes a “do not train” tag to protect artists’ work.
  • Easy image composition changes.
  • Creation of new brushes and textures.
  • Variation generation from sketches.
  • Generation of textiles.
  • User-friendly interface may become primary tool for generating AI images.


Adobe Firefly has the potential to be disruptive in the creative industry due to its advanced generative AI capabilities and built-in artist protection feature. This tool will allow artists and designers to easily create and manipulate digital images, textures, and textiles with minimal effort, while also protecting their intellectual property rights. 

With the ability to generate new brushes and textures, as well as create variations from sketches, Firefly could replace traditional methods of image creation and become the primary tool for generating AI images. 

Its user-friendly interface and automation capabilities make it an appealing option for artists looking to streamline their workflow and reduce manual labor. Overall, the release of Adobe Firefly represents a significant shift in the way artists and designers create and manipulate digital images and has the potential to revolutionize the creative industry.


Text to Image:

  • Generate images from a detailed text description.

Generative Fill:

  • Use a brush to remove objects or paint in new ones.
  • Add or remove content from any image using a simple text prompt.

Text Effects:

  • Apply styles or textures to words and phrases.

Generative Recolor:

  • Generate color variations of your vector artwork.

3D to Image:

  • Generate images from the interactive positioning of 3D elements.

Project Stardust:

  • Move any object anywhere in your image.

Generative AI Tools:

  • Explore, create, and iterate in the Firefly web app.
  • Create graphics, unlock color combinations, fill or expand images, and produce text effects with confidence in Adobe apps.

Next-Generation Firefly:

  • Faster and easier exploration, creation, and iteration.
  • Designed for creators with models that are safe for commercial use.

Integration with Adobe Apps:

  • Generative Fill and Generative Expand in Photoshop.
  • Text to Vector Graphic in Illustrator.
  • Generative Fill and Text to Template in Adobe Express.

Generative Credits:

  • Access Firefly features through Adobe generative credits.
  • Free plan with 25 monthly generative credits.
  • Premium plan with 100 monthly generative credits, Adobe Fonts Free, and no watermarks on generated images.

Ethical and Responsible AI:

  • Adobe's commitment to developing generative AI responsibly.
  • Trained on openly licensed and public domain content.
  • Compensation model for Adobe Stock contributors.
  • Standing up for accountability, responsibility, and transparency in generative AI.

Enterprise and Commercial Use:

  • Firefly for enterprise with various plans.
  • Designed to be safe for commercial use.

Adobe Sensei GenAI:

  • Relationship with Adobe Sensei GenAI for enhanced generative capabilities.

These features highlight the capabilities of Adobe Firefly in transforming text into creative visuals, applying effects, generating color variations, and seamlessly integrating with various Adobe applications.

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