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Get Funding: Velas Launches $100 Million Grants Program to Rapidly Fuel Web 3.0 Innovation

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The Velas ecosystem is setting a new benchmark in the blockchain world with its ambitious $100 million Grants Program. Designed to foster innovation and growth, this initiative aims to expand the Velas ecosystem by supporting developers and projects that contribute to the new Web 3.0 era. Here's a comprehensive overview of the program, its advantages, investment criteria, and how to apply.

Why Velas?

Velas is dedicated to creating an ecosystem of user-friendly, transparent, and privacy-respecting products built on its blockchain. Developers can port their code from Ethereum or develop directly on the native chain, enabling quick deployment of applications. This flexibility, coupled with robust support for Solidity and various Web3 libraries, makes Velas a prime choice for blockchain developers.

Velas Advantages

  • Solidity Support: Compatible with all smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Support for Web3 Libraries: Supports libraries from both Solana and Ethereum, facilitating easy deployment of open-source products.
  • Low-cost Transactions: Highly efficient performance with transaction costs as low as $0.000001.
  • Scalability: Capable of 50,000+ transactions per second (TPS) without a hard limit.
  • Developer Support Program: Provides grants, marketing, and fundraising support.
  • Composable: Eliminates the need for dealing with multiple shards or layer 2 systems.


The Velas Grants Program offers up to $100,000 per project, supporting a wide range of areas including DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and dApps. Projects that align with Velas' goal of increasing decentralization and transparency in its ecosystem may receive additional funding.

Investment Criteria

Applicants must provide detailed information about their project’s goal, business plan, technical features, team background, and market strategy. All funded projects are required to be open-source and compliant with licensing and copyright regulations.

Application Process

Interested teams can apply through an online form. Applications are reviewed within 14 working days, with successful proposals proceeding to further discussions regarding timelines and payment schedules. Continuous feedback will be provided throughout the grant process.

Benefits for Startups

Velas offers comprehensive support for startups, including:

  • Recruiting: Assistance in hiring top-tier talent.
  • Networking: Connections to investors, funds, and accelerators.
  • Marketing: Help with engaging key exchanges and building viral campaigns.
  • Technical: Support from experienced developers.
  • Research: Assistance with market research to explore new opportunities.

FAQ and Contacts

For more details on eligibility, application requirements, and investment sizes, the FAQ section provides extensive information please visit


The Velas $100 Million Grants Program is a significant opportunity for developers and startups to contribute to the growing Web 3.0 landscape. By offering robust support, funding, and resources, Velas is paving the way for innovative solutions that leverage blockchain technology.


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