Social Rewards 101: The Basics

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  • Released: 2018-10-14 22:17:11
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Build Collaborate

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This unique course takes a fresh look at social networking, crowd funding & Internet-based marketing systems, with a focus on teaching individuals and small business owners how they can level the playing field, share in the bounty the Internet offers and market like multinational corporations. 

The instructor encourages individuals and small business owners to open their eyes and question the motives of Internet companies, especially social media networks, game developers and crowd funding portals that launch self-serving user-generated content business models.

Drawn from a provocative series of ebooks called, Social Networking Is The Greatest Con In The History Of The Human Race Or The Greatest Opportunity, the course revisits the techniques used by successful Internet companies including Whats App, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Linkedin and others to build huge opt-in databases as well as create generational wealth. 

Having explained the origins and founding missions of the World Wide Web, the instructor will explain how the Internet has changed—and how it has been corrupted to create a state of instability where some Internet stakeholders are enslaving others. He then demonstrates how the enslavement has expanded into social gaming, mobile gaming and will soon include crowd funding.

While the course is extremely critical of some Internet business models and Internet entrepreneurs who are described in “Module II” as the “Forces For Good” and the “Forces For Evil”, the instructors’ intention is to demonstrate that the original noble and achievable goals of the Internet have somehow been corrupted by a new generation and self-serving entrepreneurs—and explains why content creation as well as new innovations like crowd funding must be a true partnership between Internet users and businesses for it to be sustainable, and supporting the growing trend towards social entrepreneurialism.


The course provides a road map that can be used by anyone to transform their own personal network into a powerful source of revenue. Take the course if you want to find out the secrets behind the success of the biggest social media networks—and how they have utilized your labour to achieve it.  

After completing the course—you will:

  • Question the intention of major social media players;
  • Appreciate the effort Google and others are taking to clean up the mess made by its competitors;
  • Understand how Google has already begun to usher in a paradigm shift and in doing so create new wealth generation opportunities for anyone willing to work hard by embracing social rewards technology.

In the end, you will:

  • Discover secrets that will teach you how Social Rewards technology is revolutionizing the way experts and small businesses market themselves;
  • Personally experience a new way to finance content production, launch new products and build self-replicating networks of supporters whom are rewarded to spread your message;
  • Insure yourself against failure by joining social media networks powered by Social Rewards technology;
  • Combine your personal network with that of millions of social influencers to make virtually anyone successful and create generational wealth;
  • Combine your social power with the crowd to succeed at fund raising and, or product launches even when your primary initiative is a commercial failure;
  • Learn how crowd funding technology when combined with social rewards technology will revolutionize, disrupt traditional sources of financing.

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