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Learn how to promote yourself and make money with social rewards.

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How to use social rewards technology to promote yourself, build your fan network, share content and make money in the process.

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This unique course takes a fresh look at social networking, crowd funding & Internet-based marketing systems, with a focus on teaching individuals and small business owners how they can level the playing field, share in the bounty the Internet offers and market like multinational corporations.  The instructor encourages individuals and small business owners to open their eyes and question the motives of Internet companies, especially social media networks, game developers and crowd funding portals that launch self-serving user-generated content business models. Drawn from a provocative series of ebooks called, Social Networking Is The Greatest Con In The History Of The Human Race Or The Greatest Opportunity,...

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Learn the secret power of collaborations. Case study on how collaborating with universities and colleges can be a useful way for funding your startup business.  This course is $299.99 if bought individually. It is free for Platinum and Diamond members.

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You cannot succeed in any affiliate marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) business without an active and growing downline or personal network. Unfortunately, most affiliates don’t have the ability to build their team. In this lesson we discuss #1 reason people fail in affiliate marketing and network marketing, the solution we offer to solve this problem and the 90 day money back guarantee Success Pledge we support. In fact, if you have not built a personal network that boasts 100 or more users in 90 days we will 100% refund your money. ** ** Conditions do apply.

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