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The past two years have been arguably the most disruptive period in modern history. Lives were tragically loss; however, circumstances forced small businesses to innovate. Many of these innovators have turned to online meetings or webinars to pitch, educate, entertain and motivate prospects and, or customers.


The bi-product of daily, weekly and monthly webinars is the creation of a great deal of content. Of course, businesses can delete or archive the content; however, it is often more efficient to put the content to work. If deployed correctly content can assist in driving brand awareness, generating sales leads as well as educating customers, partners and prospects. 


At the Pamper Me Network we specialize in helping small businesses, creators and agencies to:

  • Convert their webinars or zoom meetings into on-demand webinars;
  • Update hundreds of event directories & websites with on-demand webinar event information;
  • Transform on-demand webinar landing pages into digital billboards, engage as well as reward social media users to share on relevant websites and social media networks;
  • Create viral online contests in an effort to maintain and reward affiliates for supporting client projects.


  • Reach a minimum of 200,000 real people across Facebook ads, Facebook groups, Twitter, 1,700 apps & websites (for podcasts), webinar event directories and Internet media websites;
  • No maximum reach as content will be permanently stored on hundreds/thousands of websites;
  • YOU receive hundreds of thousands or milions of potential engagement over the lifetime of your campaigns.

As low as $499.99 per project / mth

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Benefits Of VIP, Silver & Gold Members PLUS
  • 100 MB of webinar & podcast file storage for 12 months ($29.99 per month after the first year - cancel at anytime)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Cashback referral commissions of up to 50% (apply your cashback earnings towards your advertising fees)
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Reach a minimum of 200,000 real people

across Facebook ads, Facebook groups, Twitter, 1,700 apps & websites (for podcasts), webinar event directories and Internet media websites

We convert your content

into a format

appropriate for distribution as a podcast, webinar, rss feed, press release and social media post. Spreading your message across multiple mediums will help you broaden reach, reduce cost, generate more sales leads and recruit more influencers. 


From small businesses to large enterprises

The Pamper Me Network makes it easy and affordable to deploy viral self-replicating online contests. Get started for as little as $500 (for a one month campaign).



self-replicating viral contest

We make it very easy to add your special offers to our database. We work with you to engage social media users, boost content and onboard top performing affiliates and influencers.  

you submit your projects & together we share

It's easy. Register, login and access your dashboard.

Create your

special offers

We host your content permanently in our database and engage affiliates and influencers to share. We enhance market reach by boosting on specific social media networks.


Reach 1 supporter or millions with ease

Transform your blog post into a viral digital billboard.


Supercharge with

Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest integration

There is no limit to the number of people you can reach. Don't stop with influencer onboarding plugin to Facebook's, Twitter's and Pinterest's massive network. 

Build affiliate networks that drive sales

Transform every social media post into a powerful customer onboarding asset.


sales team growth in real-time

Automatically transform your posts into digital billboards. Recruit an unlimited number of affiliates, influencers and collaboration partners to help you to drive earnings.


Find collaborators & affiliates with ease

You focus on creating your content and let us identify collaborators for your projects.



collaboration opportunities

Post and find collaboration opportunities. Leverage opportunities to drive social media engagements including likes and shares. 

Your followers deserve to be pampered

You focus on running a great business and let us reward your followers for supporting you.


for your followers & collaborators

Self-replicating viral contests offers built-in incentives for your followers and collaborators. Keep your cash and we will finance reward management and payouts from your media buy budget. Monitor user rewards from your dashboard.

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