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The world's first NON-ADVERTISING powered podcast monetization platform

Historically, blog monetization

can be broken down

into two categories. They include the following:

  • Payment by your audience;
  • Payment by sponsors.

At the Pamper Me Network, we have created another category:

That's right. The Pamper Me Network is the ONLY blog hosting platform that will pay you for the following:

  • $1.00 for each registered reader that signs up to support your free or premium blog content;
  • $1.00 for each blogger that signs up to collaborate with you;
  • $1.00 for each affiliate or influencer that signs up to share your blog posts with their followers;
  • $1.00 for each blogger that signs up to publish his/her blog in the PMN content discovery directory;
  • Quarterly, annual and lifetime bonuses for building your fan network;
  • Up to 50% of net commissionable earnings generated by users assigned to your team (Paid on social rewards membership, hosting and content sales).


Number Of Participants
Total Available Rewards
Average To Savage Podcast Hosting
The Green Bench Podcast
Interdimensional Coffee Talk Podcast
Barber Shop Boys Podcast Hosting

Have podcast? That's great. Embed Your Feed Right Into Your Articles.

Simply create a PMN account, submit your blog content and insert your Podcast's RSS feed.

We will reward your

supporters to share it

Get discovered, expand distribution, find collaborators, recruit affiliates and make more money. Choose PMN as your podcast host, webinar host or blog host now.


Rewarding your fans for supporting your content

We make it easy, viral and transparent.

Reengineering fan support

& content monetization

From contests to blogs, podcasts to webinars, we're 100% committed to helping you enhance your relationships with your supporters. Let us host your projects and provide your supporters with the tools they need to share, everywhere. You receive exposure and a new source of revenue. Your supporters are rewarded for helping you succeed.


From newbie to professional content creator

The Pamper Me Network is revolutionizing podcast hosting, webinar hosting and blog hosting, promotion and user rewards.



your audio podcasts & blogs

Get your podcast & blog started in minutes. Share your landing page with your followers and earn $1.00 for every listener and reader that engages plus up to 50% of membership and Podcast Creator hosting revenues. 

Find collaborators & affiliates with ease

You focus on creating your content and let us identify collaborators for your projects.



collaboration opportunities

Post and find collaboration opportunities plus earn $1.00 for each partner you recommend plus up to 50% of e-commerce, advertising and membership revenues. 

1-2-3 webinar, podcast & livestream monetization

Monetize your webinar, podcasts, livestream or blog with social rewards technology in 3 easy steps. Create, upload and share.

Transform free content

into recurring income

Transform your free webinars, podcasts, blogs, youtube videos and related content into an immediate, recurring source of income. Earn $1.00 for every single listener, viewer or reader that engages with your content plus up to 100% of premium content fees.


Build affiliate network that drive content earnings

Create your own hybrid affiliate marketing program without merchant commission fees.



your earnings in real-time

Automatically transform your posts into digital billboards. Recruit an unlimited number of affiliates, influencers and collaboration partners to help you to drive earnings.

Your followers deserve to be pampered

You focus on producing great content and let us reward your followers for supporting you.


for your followers & collaborators

PMN podcast hosting and blog hosting offers built-in incentives for your followers and collaborators. Keep your cash and we will finance reward management and payouts. Monitor user rewards from your dashboard.



Online marketers are leveraging the Pamper Me Network's social rewards platform to host, distribute and monetize their content and offers. Leverage our network of 224,000 + websites, affiliates and email subscribers to multiple your earnings.


Earn $1,000 - $9,000 USD
Per Month

Everyday social media users like YOU spend countless hours online networking but realize little to no financial gain. Now, you can network on social media and collaborate with your followers and earn cash rewards. Find out how. *


1000 Listeners = $1,000 USD
Per Month

Hosting and promoting a podcast no longer needs to be a net sum loss. The Pamper Me Network is the ONLY podcast hosting platform that will pay you for every listener you directly onboard. Find out how.


1,000 Free Attendees = $1,000 USD Per Month

When was the last time you earned cash rewards for directing traffic to your FREE Zoom Webinar, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter Livestream? Compensation is now possible with social rewards technology.  Find out how.

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