Every year, billions of individuals utilize social media networks and webinar hosting platforms to share content, connect with their fan base, and engage with prospects, customers, vendors, and alliance partners. However, the vast majority of people, including online marketers, fail to realize any financial returns from the substantial amount of time they invest in these activities. That is, until now.


The Pamper Me Network stands as a pioneering marketing and technology company, specializing in influencer marketing, social rewards technology, and content monetization.

Offering comprehensive solutions for brands and individuals, we empower them to harness the full potential of social media and digital platforms for marketing endeavors.

Our technology and services encompass influencer partnerships, social rewards programs, and content amplification and monetization strategies, revolutionizing the landscape of online engagement. 


The philosophy behind our business is a lifetime in the making. However, the magic began the years preceding 2016. That magic led us to winning a 2016 York University LaunchYU Entreprenurial Award as well as a 2017 YEDI @ Schulich School of Business Entrepreneurial Award.

We were recognized for revolutionizing the way creators including webinar organizers, social media influencers & web-based affiliates monetize their content and online relationships.

We make it easy for members to create, build and earn using social rewards technology - an award winning software platform that grew out of Joomla's #1 Points Management Software, AlphaUserPoints.


The Pamper Me Network develops cutting-edge social rewards technology tailored for content creators including webinar organizers seeking to earn lifetime cash rewards without the need to sell online memberships. As the Internet's foremost social rewards, content monetization and loyalty management network we are revolutionizing a vertical market we are pioneering.

Our core Joomla-based points management solution and the enhanced social rewards powered cloud service, empowers over 200,000 creators, websites, webinars, apps, and online promotions.

Our platform simplifies the process for patrons to support their favorite creators, foster vibrant online communities, and earn social rewards (paid out in USDT or TONCoin) while actively participating in their success.


We specialize in developing and licensing our advanced social rewards technology to enterprise clients, creators, and advertisers alike. Through each transaction, we deduct a portion of the total revenue, holding it in escrow for creators and their dedicated fans.

By seamlessly integrating with our platform, creators can easily engage with their audience, draw from the reward and advertising pool based on their network's size, and effectively monetize their content.

They do so without having to sell monthly membership packages, unlike our competitors.

With the Pamper Me Network, hosting, distributing, rewarding, and monetizing content has never been easier.

HOST,  DISTRIBUTE, REWARD and MONETIZE with the Pamper Me Network.


Once you have registered your FREE PMN social rewards account the next steps are:

  1. Login & select "Creators: Get Started Here" menu
  2. Select Activate Wallet (and activate your payment and commission payout wallet)
  3. Submit your free webinar marketplace listing
  4. Upgrade to request a custom webinar landing page (required to download your guest list and earn)
  5. Generate your custom affiliate link that directs traffic to your landing page
  6. Invite guests to participate in your free webinar
  7. Invite affiliates to promote your free webinar or other PMN projects
  8. Check your performance dashboard to watch your team grow and your earnings increase


Number Of Participants
Total Available Rewards


The most effective application of social rewards technology is by webinar organizers. Below, we have published the most compelling scenarios. Watch the videos to gain a better understanding of the process, and then create a free account to test it out.


This video is a generic introduction to Social Rewards technology. It highlights how it can be used to monetize FREE webinars.


This video explains how social rewards webinar technology is used by beauty & wellness experts to monetize their content.


This video explains how social rewards powered webinars are an alternative to traditional tradeshows & in-person networking.


This video explains how social rewards powered webinars can be used to simplify and enhance your fund raising efforts.


There are many ways to use social rewards technology. We have published the most compelling scenarios below. Watch the videos to gain a better understanding of the process and then create a free account to test.

This video explains how Social Rewards technology can help small business owners make money while networking online and offline.

This video explains how social rewards technology works and how it is revolutionizing the way individuals & businesses share online.

This video explains how you can make money while promoting yourself online. Leverage social rewards to grow sales of your products & services.

This video explains how content creators can make money connecting & collaboratoring with colleagues.

This video explains how NFT creators can use Social Rewards technology to earn cash rewards before a single NFT is sold.

This video explains how photographers can use Social Rewards technology to promote themselves and make money.

This video explains how anyone can use Social Rewards technology to organize photoshoots and make money.

This video explains how anyone can use Social Rewards technology to publish and boost their content or offers.

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