Earn TON Coin, USDT & Cash Rewards While You Are Learning About Social Rewards Technology OR Waiting For Telegram, Youtube, Meta and Tik Tok Monetization

Perfect For Content Creators & Their Fans

The Pamper Me Network has created the world's most sophisticated and lucrative creator monetization program. We are the only organization that pays creators, their partners and fans, USDT, TON Coins and cash rewards while they are learning about social rewards technology OR waiting for social media monetization approval as well as payment for:

  • Connecting with collaboration partners and fans;
  • Submitting and sharing collaboration opportunities;
  • Listing and sharing promotional offers, events, podcasts, NFTs and webinars.


  1. Register now and login.
  2. Use our platform to list your webinars as well as special offer announcements including calls for collaboration partners, contest and pitch competition participants, affiliates, guest speakers, volunteers and more OR share our/partner offers to earn USDT, TON COIN or cash. 
  3. Create free webinars and use PMN to promote it (and earn $1 or an equivalent amount in TON Coin for each participant's pre-registration)
  4. Recruit unlimited affiliates, earn USDT, TON Coin & cash rewards PLUS reward your supporters without giving up your content independence.
  5. Earn crypto and, or cash rewards even if you fail to sell your products/services.
How Much Can You Earn?

The Pamper Me Network is the only Creator Platform that rewards creators for free user engagement. No longer do you have to wait for your fans to exclusively purchase premium memberships to earn.  You now have options.

  • Get paid $1.00 for each fan engagement including free registrations 
  • Retain 100% of your content membership revenues.
  • Share up to 70% of tipping and advertising revenues.
  • Earn up to $90 on Collaborator upgrades.
  • Earn up to 50% of hosting and ecommerce revenues.
  • Earn up to 12.5% of your team's earnings.

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Benefits Of VIP, Silver & Gold Members PLUS

We offer you three membership upgrade options designed specifically to reward top performing creators.  Click here to review VIP, Silver and Gold social rewards membership packages.

Option #1 - Collect Social Rewards While You Wait For Social Media Monetization

We will pay you for promoting yourself, promoting your content and finding collaboration partners.


How It Works?

monetize your social media channels while you wait for Youtube, Facebook & Tik Tok monetization approval

Leverage the Pamper Me Network (PMN) to share your promotions, featuring exclusive offers for fans such as contests, invitations for collaborative ventures, and both live and recorded events. Accumulate ongoing cash rewards when fans respond to your free offers. In other words, get paid to promote yourself.

Financial Benefits
  • Earn $1 when fans sign up free to support you, and your collaboration partners
  • Earn 70% of tipping revenues 
  • Begin earning immediately for premium users OR refer 3 new vip, silver or gold users 
  • No charge if you refer three new premium members; OR PAY:
  • VIP ($99.99), Silver ($199.99) or Gold PMN Members ($299.99) to begin earning immediately.

Option #2 - Fan Monetization With Social Rewards

Earn lifetime advertising revenue share when you collaborate with your fans and other creators to build your community


How It Works?

build a team of creators and fans you work with to create content & grow your channel

Join a rapidly expanding network of creators that leverage the Pamper Me Network to organically drive traffic to your Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube channel. Earn $1 for each creator you recommend plus share up to 70% of advertising, tipping, e-commerce and membership revenue.

Financial Benefits
  • Earn $1.00 per user for recommending new creator collaboration partners
  • Earn $1.00 for each fan that signs up to support you
  • Share up to 12.5% of partner royalties
  • Share up to $90 per membership upgrade
  • You must have a social media presence
  • VIP ($99.99), Silver ($199.99) or Gold PMN Members ($299.99)

Option #3 - Earning Options For Non-Creators or Influencers

You don't have to be a creator or a large influencer to earn with the Pamper Me Network.


We Make It Easy

Simply use our sharing tools, your referral url or custom domain to introduce our community to your followers, friends and family. 

For those users interested in our creator content monetization tools and, or referral program we will enable them. As a valued partner we will pay you up to $700 per $1,000 in advertising, tipping, content licensing, membership and ecommerce sales. 

All VIP, Silver and Gold members share in our global advertising revenues. However, top performers* earn more. 

* Our AI algorithms determine payouts to users based on total advertising and earnings pool, size of users collaborator network, membership level and the type of earning product.

Option #4 - Recommend Free Webinars & Earn $1.00 Per Attendee Plus Bonuses

Only the Pamper Me Network will pay you to give away, free stuff plus pay you residual commissions.


We Make It Easy

Simply use our sharing tools, your referral url or custom domain to introduce our webinars and podcasts to your followers, friends and family. 

Recommend attendees that participate in FREE PMN and, or partner webinars and earn $1.00 for each guest registration. If guests engage with additional products and services, earn up $700 per $1,000 worth of transactions.

This unique program also applies to free ebook downloads and related content products.

* Our AI algorithms determine payouts to users based on total advertising and earnings pool, size of users collaborator network, membership level and the type of earning product.

you submit your projects & together we share

It's easy. Register, login and access your dashboard.

Create your

special offers

We host your content permanently in our database and engage affiliates and influencers to share. We enhance market reach by boosting on specific social media networks.


Reach 1 supporter or millions with ease

Transform your blog post into a viral digital billboard.


Supercharge with

Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest integration

There is no limit to the number of people you can reach. Don't stop with influencer onboarding plugin to Facebook's, Twitter's and Pinterest's massive network. 

Build affiliate networks that drive sales

Transform every social media post into a powerful customer onboarding asset.


sales team growth in real-time

Automatically transform your posts into digital billboards. Recruit an unlimited number of affiliates, influencers and collaboration partners to help you to drive earnings.


Find collaborators & affiliates with ease

You focus on creating your content and let us identify collaborators for your projects.



collaboration opportunities

Post and find collaboration opportunities. Leverage opportunities to drive social media engagements including likes and shares. 

Your followers deserve to be pampered

You focus on running a great business and let us reward your followers for supporting you.


for your followers & collaborators

Self-replicating viral contests offers built-in incentives for your followers and collaborators. Keep your cash and we will finance reward management and payouts from your media buy budget. Monitor user rewards from your dashboard.

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