Collect Social Rewards While You Wait For Social Media Monetization

We will pay you for promoting yourself, promoting your content and finding collaboration partners.


How It Works?

monetize your social media channels while you wait for Youtube, Facebook & Tik Tok monetization approval

Leverage the Pamper Me Network (PMN) to share your promotions, featuring exclusive offers for fans such as contests, invitations for collaborative ventures, and both live and recorded events. Accumulate ongoing cash rewards when fans respond to your free offers or related creator offers. In other words, get paid to promote yourself.

Financial Benefits
  • Earn $1 when fans sign up free to support you, and your collaboration partners
  • Earn 70% of tipping revenues 
  • Begin earning immediately for premium users OR refer 3 new vip, silver or gold users 
  • No charge if you refer three new premium members; OR PAY:
  • VIP ($99.99), Silver ($199.99) or Gold PMN Members ($299.99) to begin earning immediately.
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