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Do you host FREE or Premium webinars?  If you do, are you aware that the Pamper Me Network is the ONLY organization in the world that pays Content Creators, including Webinar Organizers, with $1.00 for each attendee who signs up to participate in your FREE events plus up to 70% of advertising, hosting and tipping revenues? If not, you may want to consider joining our Build.Collaborate Partner Program.

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Host your webinar landing page or promote existing webinars. It's easy. Simply use our sharing tools, your referral url or custom domain to introduce our community or your webinar projects to your followers, friends and family. 

For those users interested in our creator content monetization tools and, or referral program we will enable them. As a valued partner we will pay you $1.00 for each (Free) or equivalent amount in USDT or TON Coin for each registered engagement PLUS up to $700 per $1,000 in advertising, tipping, content licensing, hosting, membership and ecommerce sales. 

* Earn up to a whopping $90 USD (10% to 30%) per user per year on membership upgrades or $150 per user per year (50%) for approved master partners.  

* All VIP, Silver and Gold members share in our global advertising revenues. However, top performers earn more. 

* Our AI algorithms determine payouts to users based on total advertising and earnings pool, size of users collaborator network, membership level and the type of earning product.

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