Fifteen years ago, French software developer Bernard Gilly had a dream. His dream was to create a powerful points management software platform for the Joomla Content Management System (CMS). His dream was ‘birthed’ with the development of AlphaUserPoints (AUP), which quickly became Joomlas’ #1 user reward or points management software component.


In 2006, Bernard couldn’t have possibly known that he had created one of the Internets’ first digital currencies—that would serve as the foundation for revolutionizing Internet-based rewards management.  This is when we fell in love with the software platform and began formulating a plan to enhance it.


In 2016, the Pamper Me Network (PMN) acquired AlphaUserPoints from AlphaPlug, founded by Bernard Gilly. PMN quickly accelerated its efforts to integrate AlphaUserPoints with the Matrix 6.0 software platform. In doing so, PMN created a revolutionary new digital currency called Social Rewards designed specifically for individuals that wish to monetize their online popularity and the popularity of their friends.

The upgrade of AlphaUserPoints allow social media users to convert traffic into points, points into Social Rewards and Social Rewards in cash (fiat) money and, or cryptocurrency.


Pamper Me Network Winner 2017 YEDI Entrepreneurial Award Held In Conjunction With The Schulich School of Business, York University

  • Jan 2023:  PMN completes custom profile landing page for creators - OPERATIONAL
  • Feb 2023:  PMN completes jGive tipping / donation integration - OPERATIONAL
  • Feb 2023:  PMN launches collaboration matching service - OPERATIONAL
  • Dec 2022: PMN adds Eventbrite & Zoom on-demand webinar integration - OPERATIONAL
  • Nov 2022: PMN launches Social Rewards Platform for Jamaica Stock Exchange - OPERATIONAL
  • Oct 2022: PMN launches Beta version of NFT marketplace - OPERATIONAL
  • Oct 2022: PMN completes Social Rewards Pagebuilder integration - OPERATIONAL
  • Oct 2022: PMN launches fiat-based content tipping platform - OPERATIONAL
  • Oct 2022: Jamaica Social Stock Exchange SSO Onboarding Begins
  • Oct 2022: BeautyOui Perfect Look Challenge onboarding begins - OPERATIONAL
  • Sept 2022:  PMN completes Reward Pool Reporting Engine - OPERATIONAL 
  • August 2022:  NFT royalty mapping against social rewards dashboard complete - PENDING
  • August 2022:  Integrated search and discovery of NFTs, Podcasts, Webinars and Collaboration added to frontend timeline - OPERATIONAL 
  • August 2022: PMN begins developing Royalty Management mobile phone app - PENDING
  • July 2022: PMN launches Phase I of Opensea NFT / Social Rewards integration
    • Mints private label NFTs for collaboration partners - OPERATIONAL COMPLETE
    • PMN launches Rule The World NFT Country-level NFTs with custom designed King, Queen, Prince, Princess and General NFTs - OPERATIONAL COMPLETE
    • PMN begins licensing VIP, Silver and Gold NFT paintings and cartoon caricatures powered by social rewards technology to collaboration partners - ONBOARDING
  • July 14 2022: PMN launches Rule The World NFT Novel Campaign
    • General Ramos expands Global Collaboration and Annexations - OPERATIONAL 
    • Country level King, Queen, Prince, Princess and General NFT designs released - OPERATIONAL 
  • June 2022: PMN launches world’s only social rewards powered podcast & on-demand webinar hosting platform - OPERATIONAL 
  • June 2022: PMN begins developing NFT Discovery Marketplace
    • Automate publication and discovery of social rewards powered NFTs - OPERATIONAL 
    • Automate trading of social rewards accounts - IN DEVELOPMENT
  • June 2022: PMN signs strategic partnership with Beauty Oui
    • Launches Phase I contestant onboarding for Perfect Look Beauty Challenge - the first online beauty competition powered by NFTs and social rewards technology - OPERATIONAL COMPLETE
  • April 2022: Begins developing NFT / Social Rewards Integration features including:
    • Automated content upload; - AUTOMATED
    • Automated NFT minting of photo, audio and video files; - MANUAL
    • Mapping of social rewards account to minted NFT; - MANUAL
    • Mapping of metadata to support utility-based NFTs; - MANUAL
    • Tracking of NFT buy/sell orders on blockchain; - MANUAL
    • Eth to fiat conversion; - MANUAL
    • Mapping of NFT royalties to social rewards royalty management database. - MANUAL
  • January 2022: PMN begins SR integration with Jgive, Jticketing, NorrCompetition, Guru online training and RS Membership - OPERATIONAL
  • June 2021: PMN begins beta-trial of podcast and webinar hosting solution
  • June 2021: PMN completes upgrade of social of rewards & podcast reporting engine
  • December 2021: PMN begins developing cryptocurrency & fiat tipping solution
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