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If you have watched the introductory Social Rewards Powered Webinar video to your right or below, and reviewed our presentation slideshow, then you understand the value of monetizing your free webinars with social rewards technology.

Now it's time to supercharge awareness with global reach. Why not expand your webinar's reach effortlessly with our webinar syndication service and affiliate recruitment service?

* Target webinar guests in a single city (lowest cost) or reach up to 6,000 event listing sites (highest cost), calendars and social media groups with just one event submission inside international markets. Don't settle for limited exposure; harness the power of our vast network to amplify your event's visibility.



Imagine the impact when one person can onboard 100 webinar guests. Now, multiply that by the potential of 5, 10, 100, 1,000, 5,000, or even 10,000 affiliates.

The Pamper Me Network is dedicated to maximizing your webinar's reach by listing it across numerous websites, aiming to increase guest pre-registrations and affiliate sign-ups.

Begin by creating a VIP, Silver, or Gold social rewards account with us.

Once you're familiar with our services, activate a Webinar Boost Advertising Plan to expand your reach to an even larger audience of potential guests and affiliates.


Comprehensive Promotion

Say goodbye to isolated marketing efforts.

With Build.Collaborate by PMN, your webinar gains traction through local promotion, social media outreach, and syndication across our network of 6,000+ sites.

Elevate your webinar's profile, increase advance webinar registration, and enhance your SEO rankings on major search engines.


Streamlined Posting Process

Post your webinar once for free on the Pamper Me Network website.

Upgrade to our Webinar Boost package and we will automate submission to relevant event calendars, and social media groups.

No more redundant postings across various platforms—consolidate your efforts and streamline your webinar promotion.


Save Time and Money

Your time is precious.

Don't spend it manually listing your webinar on countless websites.

Post it once, and our automated system will distribute it to targeted event calendars in your supported markets.


Monetize Your Webinars Effectively with Social Rewards Integration

Experience a paradigm shift in webinar monetization with Social Rewards Powered Webinars.

Engage participants as advocates for your cause, incentivizing them to spread the word on social media.

Earn $1 for each participant in free webinars, plus up to $150 for each guest upgrading their social rewards membership package.


Hybrid Affiliate Marketing

  • Leverage hybrid affiliate marketing technology to turn guests into sales agents.
  • Recruit unlimited affiliates, create viral online contests, and amplify your webinar's visibility across thousands of websites.
  • Drive lifetime residual income while nurturing a community of dedicated supporters.

Cultivate Community and Income

With Social Rewards Powered Webinars, you're not just hosting webinars; you're cultivating a community, sparking conversations, and generating a new stream of income.

Seamlessly integrate education, content monetization, loyalty management and sales lead generation into your webinar strategy.


Ready to Elevate Your Webinars?

Discover the transformative potential of Social Rewards Powered Webinars today.

Click the link below to revolutionize your webinar marketing efforts and unlock a world of possibilities.

Start registering more webinar guests with less effort, forever.

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* Disclaimer:

Campaigns are based on local listings. You must set a local market you wish to target. Distribution will be based on that city. You may place separate orders to target additional local markets. For example, Toronto, New York, Atlanta, London, Paris, Vancouver, Las Angeles, etc

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